Global postal services decline by 21% in 2020

1. American Airlines Group will cut management and administrative staff by 30%

As the new crown epidemic caused a significant drop in demand, American Airlines Group is preparing to shrink its business and will cut management and administrative staff by 30%. The company has said that after the government’s travel bans, home orders and concerns about infections caused travel in March and April to almost stop, they began to see signs of rising demand. But moderate growth is not enough to save thousands of industry jobs. Airlines believe that travel demand may take years to return to pre-epidemic levels.

2. Amazon UK will close Pantry service on June 30

Amazon UK will close Pantry service on June 30. Pantry products placed before June 30 will still be delivered normally. Amazon Pantry is a grocery shopping service launched by Amazon for Prime members, providing food and beverage, alcohol, personal care products, household necessities, etc. Users can enjoy discount services when they purchase a certain number of products. Prime members can enjoy free shipping on purchases over £15. If the consumption is below the minimum amount, a delivery fee of £3.99 will be required.

3. eBay invested USD 108,000 to support Brazilian small businesses

According to reports, eBay announced a $108,000 plan to support Brazilian small and medium-sized enterprises during the current new coronavirus outbreak. The program is called “My Business 24/7 on eBay – Always available” and it will enable Brazilian SMEs to continue their business during the outbreak. The company will be able to establish a free sales platform on the site, thereby opening up sales to 174 million buyers in 190 markets around the world.

4. Chuan AliExpress will open a global celebrity incubation plan

On May 28th, according to foreign media reports, Alibaba’s cross-border retail e-commerce platform AliExpress plans to create new jobs for more than 100,000 content creators and online celebrities around the world in the next year to help They open up new sources of income.

According to reports, the plan is called “AliExpress Connect” and is a platform specifically designed for content producers. Online celebrities from any country and those who want to start a career in online celebrities can use this platform to get the opportunity to cooperate with AliExpress and the brands on the platform. They can help brands sell goods by creating original content, and introduce new users to the platform to get rewards and rewards.

5. Universal Postal Union: Global postal service declines by 21% in 2020

According to news from May 29, according to CCTV news, on May 28 local time, the Universal Postal Union issued an epidemic situation and postal industry report. The report shows that global postal services will decline by about 21% in 2020.

The report believes that transportation disruptions, shutdowns, capacity shortages, and the impact of viruses on the labor force are the main factors hindering the supply chain. In addition, the impact of household income may also be one of the factors.

The report also pointed out that the recovery of the postal business depends on the resilience of the postal supply chain, the duration of the control measures taken to combat the epidemic, the measures to mitigate economic risks, the disposable income of consumers and the development of digital alternatives.

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