CAA responds to US “no-fly order”

1. The Civil Aviation Administration responds to the US “no-fly order”

A few days ago, the Civil Aviation Administration issued a notice on adjusting international passenger flights. It is pointed out that from June 8, 2020, all foreign airlines that are not listed in the “fifth phase” flight plan can choose a port city with specific reception capabilities within the scope of the company’s operating license (specific city list Available on the official website of the Civil Aviation Administration), operating one international passenger flight per week. At the same time, from June 8, 2020, the implementation of international flight incentives and fuse measures.

2. Amazon has restarted the distribution station that was closed due to riots

Beijing time on the 4th news, Amazon local time Wednesday evening reopened two warehouses located in the Midwest of the United States, before the two warehouses were forced to temporarily shut down due to the escalating riots in the region.

On Tuesday, Amazon temporarily closed two distribution stations in Chicago, Illinois and Gary, Indiana. A spokesperson for the company said it received reports of damaged trailers parked outside the Gary distribution station, and it was unclear whether any goods were stolen from the trailers or whether someone was arrested for damage to the trailers. Chicago’s warehouses were not damaged, and Amazon said it was closed to protect employees and partners.

3. Bike rush in Europe: Spain’s sales rose by more than 22 times

As the epidemic in Europe eased, beginning in May, countries began to gradually “unblock”, but the people after the epidemic still dared not take public transportation, so they rushed to buy bicycles as a means of transportation. In May, China’s exports of bicycles and electric vehicles to Europe skyrocketed, and tens of thousands of “local tyrants” were sold out. Manufacturers worked overtime, and orders were still placed after one month. According to data obtained from AliExpress, Alibaba’s cross-border e-commerce platform, the bicycle sales in the Spanish market increased by more than 22 times in May compared to the same period last year, and Italy and the United Kingdom also increased by about 4 times.

4. In April, global air cargo demand hit the largest decline in history

Recently, the International Air Transport Association released global air cargo data for April. The data showed that aviation demand fell by 27.7% year-on-year in April 2019, the largest decline ever.

Mr. Alexander de Juniac, Chairman and CEO of IATA, said: “The current air cargo capacity is severely tightened. Compared with April 2019, although the demand for cargo has dropped by 27.7%, due to the substantial reduction in passenger flights As a result, the capacity of the belly cabin of the passenger aircraft dropped sharply, resulting in a 42% drop in the overall freight capacity. This led to a longer supply time and higher costs for the global supply chain.”

5. American Airlines began to resume flights gradually

As parts of the United States began to reopen, airlines such as American Airlines began to resume some routes that were reduced due to the new crown epidemic. American Airlines stated that it would resume its operation level of 55% during the same period in previous years in July, while in April and May, its domestic routes were only 20% of previous years. Professionals say that demand for reopened areas such as Texas and Florida is rising, while travel demand in unopened areas is still at a low level.

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